Different Things You Can Show Off through Custom Framing

Have you always been fond of hanging things on the wall and displaying them for your family and friends to see? 

You may have said goodbye to sticking things to the wall using command strips after leaving school. But now that you’re an adult, Using a personalised photo framed at work to decorate your home is a great way to display your uniqueness without having to paint every wall. 

The suggestions below might inspire you to start a custom-framing project of your own!

Framing Valuable Jersey

You may have more sports memorabilia than you can ever wear as a die-hard sports lover. What are your plans for that specific jersey you’ve been eyeing for a long time? Of course, get it professionally framed and hung! That way, whenever you’re daydreaming, you may remember that once-in-a-lifetime match.

Displaying Souvenirs

You may enjoy gathering souvenirs from your trips, but there is a limit to how many magnets you can purchase before your refrigerator becomes overcrowded. Memories don’t end just because there’s no more space. Well, you can always convert your mementoes into pieces of art by framing them in bespoke frames!

Highlighting Family Mementos

If you just have one of your great-grandmother’s quilts left, framing it on your wall is a terrific method to preserve it. Framing and hanging it keeps it out of the reach of any clumsy hands, whether adult or child.

Displaying Diplomas

Graduating is a major accomplishment, but once we step over that platform and are applauded by everyone, you can file your diplomas away, only to be seen during job interview season.

Why not display your diploma to remind yourself of all those hard library days? When you’re feeling down, it might be a wonderful boost. A huge success hidden in plain sight makes room for much more in the future.

Framing Maps

When was the last time you had to use physical maps? Thanks to Google and other apps, finding your way in the world no longer requires a printed map and a compass. 

Maps are still lovely and useful for storing memories. You can get a map of your hometown framed with a little star to mark essential parts of your youth.

Keeping Completed Puzzles

Some people are only interested in jigsaw puzzles. They can tune out the rest of the world while still locating all of the corners. When you’ve just finished a difficult puzzle, it can be difficult to put it back in the box. Instead, getting it custom framed will give you new decor and remind you of the fun time you had assembling it.

Showcasing Comic Books

Whether you’re an adult Spider-Man fan or a kid who enjoys getting immersed in vibrant comic book worlds, your wonderful comic book covers should be seen on the wall.

You can take out your favourite comic book and mount it on a beautiful custom mount and frame worthy of the pleasure you get from reading. The greatest way to remember getting that particular autograph at a convention is to custom frame a comic book.


Now it’s your chance to think outside the box and explore some of the unique things you could frame instead of that same old department store print. It would be wonderful if you could find a framing company with a full range of picture framing services to assist with your exact specifications.

If you’re looking for a specialist who provides custom picture frames in Sydney, you will find that in Picture Framing. We offer a wide range of quality products and can help you achieve your dream framed piece. Contact us now to discuss your custom piece!

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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Own Custom Picture Frame

Available in different sizes, shapes and colours, picture frames are designed to look attractive while also keeping your prized artworks or memorable pictures well-protected.  

Custom picture framing is also known as matting, which is one of the core elements of the process. The frames can be designed according to your specifications and crafted using a wide range of materials, such as fine woods and intricate lace. 

There are many benefits of getting your own custom frames. Here are a few reasons why you should get your own.

1) They Can Cater to Specific Dimensions 

If you have a large collection of beautiful paintings or photographs, then you must have thought of displaying them on your walls. You can now do that with custom picture frames.

These frames will match the dimensions of your artworks, so you won’t have to worry about cutting them down or getting them resized. You can also select from a variety of shapes, like a photo frame and canvas.

2) They Are Displayable Anywhere

You may want to showcase your custom framed pictures or images in a particular location, such as the living room or a dining area, but the artworks are too small to make a significant difference.

Now you have custom frames for your artworks in sizes such as 5”x7” frames size and 8.5” x 11” frame sizes. You can choose a frame that matches the colour of your walls and decor.

3) They Help Avoid the Mess

You wouldn’t want to damage or spoil the artwork or photograph you want to display with custom picture frames. You can now protect them from dust, moisture and other hazards that are likely to cause damage.

Custom picture framing is also known as matting, which is one of the core elements of the process. The frames can be designed according to your specifications and crafted using a wide range of materials, such as fine woods and intricate lace.

4) You Can Choose the Materials Yourself

You have the option to choose the custom picture frame materials yourself. You can suitably select the frame based on the look and feel you wish to achieve.

You can even select the finish and the frame colour you want. You can even add a wooden frame to any handmade piece of furniture so it matches the overall look of the room.

5) They Help Prevent Clutter

In the past, people had to hang their picture frames on the wall using nails and hooks, which left an unsightly mark. That’s not the case now. The frames come with a hook on the back so you can hang them anywhere easily.

Even if you decide to place them on a mantle or a table, you’ll find that the spaces are limited. Custom picture frames are the best option to display your collection of photographs or artwork without having to worry about clutter.

Making Custom Frames

Custom picture framing is an art that’s practised by professional framers. They use the right equipment and materials to make the final product.

The frame design may be the same or different, but the components should be the same. Most framers work with different materials and use a variety of picture frame moulds to make custom frames.


Custom picture frames are best to display your treasured artworks and photographs. You can select the right frame that matches the dimensions of the artwork.

If you want to display your custom picture frames, Picture Framing has you covered. We provide art framing in Sydney to help you display any of your artwork. Get in touch with us to learn how.

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Your Helpful Guide to Hanging a Large Picture Frame

A large picture frame can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room in your home. It definitely grabs attention and makes a statement wherever it’s placed. However, if you try to handle a big picture frame on your own, it could get a little complicated.

If you don’t have another set of hands or eyes to help you set your frame up and check how it looks, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to handling the task:

Choose the Right Room

The first step is to choose the fitting room for your large picture frame. You will want to make sure that there is ample room in the room where you want your picture. You will also want to ensure that there is an unobstructed path to allow for maneuverability when the frame is being set up.

Prepare the Focal Point

Before you begin to hang your picture frame, make sure that you have arranged the room and room’s focal point. Again, a large picture frame will attract attention from the space you place it in. Try not to place it near a TV, a mirror, or another large picture frame. Instead, find an empty wall to give your frame room to breathe and be admired.

Mark the Positioning on The Wall

Once you have chosen the perfect spot on the wall, you can mark the spot. Using a ruler and a pencil, determine the levelled-out placements for your hooks. Make sure to double-check or even triple-check before you start drilling holes and placing hooks. You wouldn’t want to end up with multiple holes in your wall.

Use D-Ring Hooks for Firm Placement

D-Ring hooks are the best choice when it comes to hanging a large picture frame. They can support a lot of weight and hold your frame steady for as long as you need them to. Choosing smaller hooks or screw heads may be risky and could cause your frame to fall.

Use Heavy Duty Hooks to Hang by String/Wire

Although we don’t recommend it, your picture frame could also be hung through a string or wire around it. If you prefer to hang your frame by string or wire, make sure to use heavy duty hooks. This will help lower your chances of a frame-related accident.

Hang and Straighten Out the Painting

Now all that’s left to do is hang your frame. If you measured correctly, you’ll be able to place it onto the D-Ring hooks through the metal attachments in the back, or through the wire across the frame’s back. Take a few steps back, and check if it’s level. Adjust accordingly.


If you’re looking for a way to hang a large picture frame, these tips should help you keep your frame and walls in one piece. Remember to measure carefully, as well as to align your picture frame with the focal point of the room. After that, it’s just a matter of choosing the right hooks, making sure you have plenty of weight to hold your frame in place, hanging it, and finally, enjoying the view!

Show off your images by getting custom picture frames in Sydney! Choose from our varied selection of frames to highlight your memories and give your home decor in a way only you can. Contact us today!

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Ideas on Choosing the Right Mat Color for Your Artwork Frame

When it comes to showcasing your work or the work of others, the frame is simply one factor to consider. Making sure you choose the proper colour mat for your artwork is one of the most critical aspects of art framing. If the artwork isn’t going to fill the entire frame, you’ll need to consider what the backdrop will look like. Colour has a significant role in this. The perfect colour may help your artwork come to life, yet the wrong colour can turn even the finest painting into an eyesore.

How Should You Choose a Mat Color?

1. Choosing a Mat Color Based on Dominant Colors

If you have a painting that has a lot of white or a bright background that takes up a large part of the painting, then a darker mat will look great. If the painting has a lot of greys, blacks, or dark blues, then a white mat will make it stand out. Take a look at the painting, and ask yourself what the painting would look like with a black or light grey background. If it doesn’t look very good, then a black or grey mat might not be the best choice.

2. Choosing a Mat Color Based on a Theme

If you’re putting together a series of paintings based on a particular theme, then the colour of the mats can be a way to tie the paintings together. If a painting has a red, black, and white theme, then a white mat will work, since it will be the same colour as the white background. This is one of the reasons why black and white photographs are a big hit, and one of the reasons why people tend to like certain colour combinations.

3. Choosing a Mat Color Based on the Wall Color or Other Accents

If you want to tie the mat colour into the overall colour scheme of the room, then the first step is to figure out what colour the walls are. If you have dark blue walls, then you can choose dark blue mats. If you have white walls, then you can choose a variety of colours. Then, you need to look at other things in the room, such as the flooring and the furniture. If there are other colours that stand out, you can pick a mat that goes with those.

4. Opting for Neutral Colors

If you don’t want to worry about matching colours, then you can just pick a non-colour, such as white, black, or grey. This can look nice when combined with the right painting, and it can work well in formal situations, such as an office. It can also work well in rooms that have a lot of other colours, such as bedrooms.

5. Opting for a Contrasting Color

Some people like to play around with the colour of their mat, such as using a deep dark green mat with a bright yellow painting. This is a great way to make the painting pop, but it also makes it more difficult to hang, since the mat needs to stand out. There are many ways to make the painting stand out, such as using a flatter frame and hanging it lower, so it isn’t right in the centre of the wall.


The colour of a mat can be one of the most important parts of hanging a piece of art. It can be the thing that makes a painting look good or bad, and it can be the thing that ties the art room together. When you’re choosing a mat colour, you need to think about the painting and the room the painting will go into. A little bit of planning can go a long way, and can make the difference between a painting that no one looks at, and a painting that gets looked at over and over again.

If you are in need of picture framing in Sydney, visit Picture Framing. Based at Newtown, we have framed the memories of many customers over the years. Offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products, we can help you achieve your dream framed piece.


Upgrading Your Home Decor with Custom Frames

Many people have questioned the benefits of custom framing. Well, for one, there is a disparity between a standard store-bought frame and one built specifically for the photograph, artwork, or item you plan to frame. 

Artwork, collectibles, and family heirlooms can all benefit from custom frames. Custom frames prevent yellowing, fading, and disintegration of film, music, and sports artifacts. This is why people have come to get custom frames for their prized possessions. Read on to learn more.

Individualised Style in Custom Framing

Custom frames with three-colour pine wood trim and a modern flat square shape are available. Finally, you must select what is the best way to go with your artwork and antiques. We can help you decide how to best display your grandfather’s motorbike vest or an autographed hockey jersey so that it compliments your space and shows your own style.

Photographs in Custom Framing

Nowadays, the vast majority of photos are taken with a smartphone. This allows you to capture memories in various sizes. In addition to the normal sizes, this is available. Photographs of any size can be framed custom. As a result, your framed photos may be square, classic, or tailored to fit.

Materials Used for Custom Frames

Photo frames are made of clear polished genuine glass with a thickness of 2mm. This authentic glass is suited for photo frames with a diameter of up to 30 inches. For frames greater than 30 inches, we utilize glazed 1/8″ acrylic. The reasoning is that a larger frame needs a lighter weight. Furthermore, larger glass is more likely to shatter. Acrylic is less prone to break because of its malleability.

Measuring Frame Size for Custom Frames

Measure the width and height of your portrait, poster, artwork, or print from the outside. We can help you determine the best frame size for a digital photograph that you want to print and frame. Send us a note, and we’ll assess whether your image needs to be cropped or trimmed, or whether it’s fine as is. If you prefer uploading 1:1 images on Instagram and your camera is set to do so, the photo frame size will be the same on both sides. Depending on the resolution of your camera, you can frame the photographs at 5 x 5 inches, 16 x 16 inches, or much larger.

Even if you are not an expert, you may rely on our knowledge and experience. We can help you determine the best frame size for your photos and frame them to fit your space. Please contact us if you require any other information.

Getting Inspired by Custom Framing

In recalling some of your most vivid memories and remembering your goals, you may feel inspired to put them up on a wall and admire them. A customized frame can help you convey your message through text or an image. This is a genuine take on making one-of-a-kind decor at home.


A custom frame is simply a better product. Many of the frames we buy at craft stores are constructed of acidic plastic or resin, despite their low price. Bespoke frames, on the other hand, are made with thicker glass than store-bought frames and may be built in almost any size, allowing them to fit in unusual spaces. With these, you have more high-quality goods and give you better value for your money.

Picture Framing is a Newtown-based team that offers quality custom picture frames in Sydney at fair pricing. Get in touch with us today! 

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The Best Picture Frame Ideas For Modern Living Rooms

Choosing a frame doesn’t just show the world what kind of art you like; it can also show them how much you care about your art and about the room you’re displaying it in. Frames come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, from grand stately-home glory to minimalist white, and quality picture framing can be as easy as picking up an Ikea frame. But there’s no need to rush out to the store. Even antique stores and auction houses have beautiful frames that can be picked up at both high and low prices. This blog post will showcase the best examples of beautiful picture frames to brighten up living rooms.

The Best Picture Frame Ideas For Modern Living Rooms

Is your living room tired-looking? Do you feel the need to perk it up a little? Then why not hang some beautiful art? Art can be hung in all kinds of ways, but the best way is to hang it in a frame or a grouping of frames. Frames can make a big difference to a room, and this is especially true when you need a modern touch. Here are some examples of great picture framing for a modern living room.

1 – Slim Wooden Frames

These slim wooden frames look great because they’re not too bulky, and they don’t detract from the art. They’re a simple, light touch, and they work well in a minimalist living room. They’re also a great idea if you don’t have a lot of wall space.

2 – Large Photo Frames

These large photo frames are a great way to bring a little life to your living room. They also have the added bonus of being a fixed decoration, which means you don’t have to worry about wall space. This can be great for a small living room that doesn’t have a lot of space for wall art.

3 – Collage Frames

This idea is great if you have a lot of art. You can create a great collage out of it and make it your theme for the room. They look great when you have a lot of small pieces, and they look great when they’re all grouped together to form one big picture.

4 – Dark Wood Frames

Dark wood frames fit well in a traditional setting, but they also work well in a modern living room. They’re a good way to bring a little class to the room without being too traditional.

5 – Floating Frames

Floating frames are a great idea to use if you don’t want to put holes in your wall. They’re also a good idea if you want to change your picture art every once in a while. They’re great because they’re not fixed to the wall, so they can be moved around.


Frames can make a big difference to a room, and they can also protect your picture art. If you’ve picked a good frame, you can hang your art on the wall and walk away, knowing that it’s well protected. Frames can also make a room look more beautiful. After all, art at its core is about beauty, so why not make a room look just as beautiful as the art itself?

If you are in need of picture framing in Sydney, visit Picture Framing. Based at Newtown, we have framed the memories of many customers over the years. Offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products, we can help you achieve your dream framed piece.

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A Guide to Picture Frames: Different Types of Frames

When you frame your pictures, you are not only protecting it against dirt and dust, but you are also adding nuance to the way you’re displaying it. You may even consider the frame itself as another piece of art, so choosing the right frame to complement your piece can be an integral part of the overall design.

However, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the abundance of choices at your disposal. In this article, we’ve prepared a list to help familiarise you with the different types of frames you can pick.

1. Modern Frame

A modern frame is typically anything that is sleek, very minimal in its appearance or reflects the latest in contemporary design. This type of frame is clean-cut, and it doesn’t have a lot of embellishments. They often use neutral colours to maximise the visual effect of the piece. 

2. Floating Frame

A floating frame is anything that has a transparent or partially clear substance that allows the image to be the centre of attention. This type of framing gives your art the illusion of floating on the wall. It is often made with plexiglass, glass, and acrylic material.

3. Canvas Print

Canvas prints are a great choice if you would like to add a 3D element to the way you display your pictures. The name, canvas print, gives a clue as to how the print is made. It is stretched over a wood or metal frame, so if you want to infuse warmth or a more homey atmosphere, this is a choice you can use. 

4. Shadow Box Frame

A shadow box frame is typically a box that has a window to showcase an item. This type of frame will often allow you to manipulate light and enhance the overall design. Shadow boxes are usually a combination of different media and materials, so it can be a great way to create a specific mood and tone.

5. Gallery Frame

A gallery frame is the most common thing you would see at a traditional art gallery. This type of frame is often made with a deep profile or cascading effect that is meant to draw attention. It is an elegant and professional way to display your image and is larger than the piece itself. It is often made for a statement piece, so if you want something that isn’t understated, this is a choice you can make.

6. Tabletop Frame

A tabletop frame is a frame that is specifically made to fit on a flat surface. It offers a contemporary or elegant appearance and is ideal for small to medium-sized pieces. This type of frame is very versatile and can be used to frame anything from a single picture to a family portrait.


The choices of frames available may be more abundant than you think, but they each have their own unique look and feel. Depending on the kind of art or image you’re displaying and the effect you want to achieve, you can choose a type of frame that will reflect your style and your personality. Take your time with choosing, and find the frame that lets your image and your room shine!

Show off your images with our custom picture frames in Sydney! Our wide selection of frames will help you frame your memories and decorate your home just how you want. Contact us, and we’ll help you create the perfect piece for your home to display!

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How to Decide on the Right Custom Frame For Your Art

No space is complete without art, but once you’ve picked out pieces that have captured your attention, you have to find the right spot to hang them—a job that can be even trickier than picking out the art in the first place. To help you out, we thought it would be useful to put together a brief article discussing how to decide on the right custom frame for your art. If this is something that you’re interested in, read on for four factors to keep in mind if you’re considering going the custom framing route.

Consider the Size of the Piece

Artwork is meant to generate feelings in viewers, and a frame can help enhance that reaction in the viewer. Different pieces will require different types of frames, and it’s important to find the right frame to match the artwork. However, not all pieces will match a standard frame. If you have a large or unusually-sized piece, then you’ll need to get a custom frame.

Keep the Location of the Piece In Mind

If you are choosing the frame materials and final location, splurge only when necessary. For example, the non-glare and UV-resistant museum quality glass would be a good investment for watercolour in an east-facing room that has strong sunlight coming through it during the day. A thickly textured canvas may be better appreciated without glass, especially if it is not going to be placed in a room that has sunlight coming through it.

Take Time Constraints Into Consideration

Are you giving a special piece of art to someone as a gift? Are you hosting an event at your house and need the custom frame to be completed in a specific amount of time? Before dropping your art off at the framer’s, consider how long it might take. Depending on what you’re looking to do, custom framing could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. 

Think About the Specific Needs of the Piece

Art pieces that you’re displaying in your home should at least hold some sort of sentimental value, but some artworks are more expensive than others or are more delicate and require more care to safely house. Some prints, reproductions, or creations cannot be in direct sunlight or need protection from lighting, so there are a variety of framing options to consider, depending on the type of piece that you’re trying to display.

Custom framing can help preserve a drawing, painting, or other valuable artwork. The frame helps protect the object from damage caused by light, humidity, and dust. If you don’t have the object custom-framed, chances are it won’t survive for long. After all, this type of work requires an expert craftsman. Saving up to tailor fit the artwork isn’t cheap, but the cost is worth it if you want to keep your prized possession looking its best for years to come.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you choose the right frame for your art pieces. While it may seem like a lot of work to find the right frames, choosing the ideal frame will help you get the most out of these pieces. Be sure to keep everything that you’ve learned here in mind so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

If you need art framing in Sydney, come to Picture Framing. Based at Newtown, we have framed the memories of many customers over the years. Offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products, we can help you achieve your dream framed piece. For more information, visit our website today!


Why We Need Art in Homes: 6 Ways Art Changes Lives

We often repeat ourselves with questions and answers in our conversations. Some people are even afraid to ask questions. Sometimes, the simplest question seems to have an obvious answer, while the real answer goes far beyond the surface of this simple question. 

Here are some reasons art is a must in every home:

1. Art Allows for Expression and Dialogue

When people make art, they bring out the full extent of their creativity. They reveal things that they haven’t been able to express in any other way. Art also offers a chance to broaden the communication channels between people.

Art can be a powerful tool to share our ideas. Sometimes, the very act of creating art can result in powerful, new ideas. Whether they are making a painting, a song, a dance, a sculpture, or a piece of music, creative people can open up new doors for themselves when making art. 

2. Art Allows for Empathy and New Perspectives

Making art allows us to see the world from a different perspective; it helps us see the world through someone else’s eyes. Art enables us to view things from someone else’s point of view. We can experience another person’s joy, sadness, or anger through their art. When we try to empathise with others, we can understand them more.

3. Art Opens Us Up to a Broader World View

Art can broaden our horizons to a sense of a much larger, more expansive world than the one we see every day. Art helps us see a larger world, complete with its colours, beauty, joy, and sorrow. Art can also show us how to care for the world around us, even if we don’t put that theory into practice.

4. Art Can Foster a Sense of Aesthetics and Beauty

Art helps us to view things with a new sense of perception. We may not have thought about the beauty of the scene we see every day before. But once we start to notice how beautiful the world can be, it changes us. Art can literally change our perspective positively and make us feel more joy in our everyday lives.

5. Art Allows for Escape, Meditation, and Entertainment

Making art can help us to escape from pressures and stress. It can also be a great form of entertainment. Whether it is painting, drawing, writing, or dancing, art allows us to entertain ourselves, as well as others. Whether looking at art, listening to music, or enjoying dance, art offers a chance to relax and unwind.

6. Art Encourages Creative Thought

Art helps us to think outside the box. We might have a problem or issue that we need to think about. Art can help us see this problem from a new perspective and develop new solutions and ideas. Art can help us think creatively and develop new ideas or solutions to issues we didn’t know we had.


Art is a compelling thing. It adds beauty to our lives, makes us feel more open to the world around us, and helps us see things from a new perspective. It allows us to express our inner thoughts and feelings and those more difficult to put into words. Art also allows us to empathise and relate to others.

Picture Framing is a custom art framing service in Newtown, New South Wales. We are Sydney’s leading picture framer and a one-stop shop for all art-framing needs! We’ve captured the memories of many customers over the years through custom framing, art and poster mounting, canvas stretching, custom matt cutting, and gallery framing. Chat with us and have your dream piece framed today! 

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Tips to Choose The Right Custom Frame: A Beginner’s Guide

Some people claim that getting something custom framed can be intimidating, but we disagree. While it requires a lot of decision making, it’s not a chore when you work with a professional consultant trained to make great recommendations. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Tips to Choose The Right Custom Frame: A Beginner’s Guide

1 – Be open-minded

The first thing we do when we sit down with someone new helps them get past the idea that what they have is “wrong” or “bad.” We work with everyone from amateur photographers to people who have a priceless collection of art that has been in the family for generations.

2 – Framing doesn’t have to be expensive

In the past, the rule of thumb has been the more expensive the art, the more expensive the frame. That’s not always the case. We can save you money on framing by cutting out the middleman and ordering directly from the frame manufacturer. Plus, we don’t charge a “handling” fee on custom-framed pieces.

3 – Know what style you’d like

If you’re not sure what you want, that’s okay. We have hundreds if not thousands of options for you to choose from. If you’re starting from scratch, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

4 – Your pieces don’t have to be in the same style

In fact, we encourage it. One of the most important things you can have in your home or office is variety. It creates a sense of energy and interest that you can’t get from a space filled with the same style frame. Let us help you build a fantastic custom collection.

5 – Consider your space

If you’re working with a small space, a gallery quality frame may not be the best option for you. But, if you’re working with a larger space, those same frames will not overwhelm the space.

6 – Think about how you want to display the piece

You may have pieces that you’d like to show off stand-alone, but there are also pieces that are part of a collection. Placing them on the same style frame will help them blend together, even if they aren’t exact matches.

7 – Work within your budget

We work with a lot of people with varied budgets, but we all have them. If your budget is more modest, we can help you find the right style while making it a custom frame. If you have a larger budget, we can build an amazing custom frame that will showcase your art perfectly.

8 – Buy from a reliable frame shop

Never be afraid to ask questions. A framing shop that isn’t open to queries and questions is a sign they are selling a service, not a product. A frame shop that stands behind its product and attempts to answer every question is a sign you’ve found a quality shop.


The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it. Whether you’re getting something custom-framed to honour a family member or to fill out a blank wall in your home or office, your piece deserves to be showcased in the way that best tells its story. Hiring a professional to help you tell that story correctly is the first step to making that happen.

If you need art framing in Sydney, come to Picture Framing. Based at Newtown, we have framed the memories of many customers over the years. Offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products, we can help you achieve your dream framed piece.