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The Basics of Framing and Hanging Art

We’ve all been there–staring at a blank wall with a piece of art in our hands. Then, we’d practise our eye for the perfect framing and hanging. The truth is, it’s not easy, and not everybody has enough creative juices to find the ideal spot. But don’t give up! Art experts are on the rescue. 

Here, we’ll tell you the basics of framing and hanging art so you can finally live in peace. That way, you can also explore on your own and find the perfect spots for you!

The Basic Rules

For the record, when we say art, we mean artwork and not expensive masterpieces of heirlooms that need special care. For those pieces, you need expert framers that can accommodate your unique considerations.

Without further ado, let’s begin! Here are four basic rules to art hanging and framing:

  • It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive Art

You don’t need expensive art to make your interiors beautiful. In fact, most people purchase local and fantastic artwork from online stores, flea markets, and on vacations. In certain circumstances, artwork that we want to hang on the wall may be paintings our children made, vintage posters of our favourite films and artists, sentimental pieces, travel photographs, and even gorgeous quilts that are too fragile to use. 

Whichever of these artwork you have, you don’t need to be intimidated by the process, nor should you spend a fortune hanging and framing them. Just do what you feel should be up on the wall!

  • Frame It Like You Mean It

When you frame a piece of art, think about it for the long haul. You need to use proper materials when framing and hanging to preserve the work for years to come. Use acid-free matting materials and dust covers on the backs of the art piece. 

Aside from a glass layer over the front, you can also use acrylic, which is lightweight and shatterproof. The only disadvantage is that it’s more prone to scratching than glass. Whichever material you use, make sure it’s treated to protect the artwork from ultraviolet rays. 

  • A Special Frame for Canvas

Oil paint on canvas is less prone to damage compared to other artwork. It’s generally hardier and more stable against various environmental elements, such as sunlight. Hanging them without any ultraviolet protection but in indirect sunlight should be fine. 

In addition, you can softly sweep on canvas without the fear of damage. It’s also interesting to see the textured sweeps and paint buildup. Nevertheless, you can skip the glass and the mat for this artwork, but don’t neglect the frame or the moulding. 

  • Solar or Shady Art?

Sensitive artwork like textiles and watercolours not only need a glass with ultraviolet protection and a shaded spot to hang on. Watercolours must be hanged in a well-shaded site, a dim hallway, or a dark bedroom to prevent their colours from getting washed out by the sunlight. 

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief and what the rich have told us, art is for everybody. In fact, art is not only what we find in museums and galleries but also sentimental pieces of art we made or adored over the years. Now, highlight those beauties by caring and finding a good spot for them!

Picture Framing is a custom art framing service in Newtown, New South Wales. Since 1993, we have been Sydney’s leading picture framer, capturing the memories of many customers over the years. We provide a wide range of services, such as custom framing, art and poster mounting, canvas stretching, custom matt cutting, and gallery framing. 

In short, we are Sydney’s one-stop shop for all art-framing needs! Get in touch with us and have your dream piece framed today!

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Custom vs. Store Bought: Why You Should Customise Your Picture Frames

People take and keep pictures to capture different moments — stills of milestones worth keeping, quiet memories that are heartwarming to remember, to the unseen, in-between instances that reveal what life was like from long ago. Every picture is as personal as paintings — each stolen memory telling a unique story. 

But just like artwork, your picture won’t be complete without the proper framing to showcase them. The picture framing may seem unimportant, so it’s tempting to buy the first aesthetic frame you can find in department stores. 

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on mass-produced frames to protect your pictures down the line. That’s why custom framing takes centre stage as the best choice for showcasing your original photographs compared to your off-the-shelf, store-bought picture frames.

What Makes Custom Picture Framing Different and Better? 

Benefit #1: Cater to Different Photo Sizes 

Custom photos are an art in itself and as more people take an interest in hobby photography, printing these unusual stills often leave enthusiasts exploring different photo sizes. Sticking to the standard sizes can be limiting when you want to bring more life to your photos, so exploring panoramic styles, larger formats, or atypical dimensions are only possible with custom picture framing. 

Benefit #2: Create a Dramatic Aesthetic 

Store-bought picture frames are often lacklustre. It lets the photos steal the spotlight, but instead of using it as a holding medium, custom frame allows you to take your photos to the next level by introducing more personality. 

Custom framing leaves more room to experiment with different styles, one that can complement the look and feel of your pictures. You can also use custom frames to extend the narrative of your pictures by adding some textural elements, giving it a bolder, ornate finish that makes for a visually dynamic impression. 

Benefit #3: Protect and Preserve Your Pictures 

Feelings and memories can fade, but pictures can capture our fleeting moments in technicolour. It’s like a portal that transports people to the past, but factors like UV rays and the effects of time can take their toll on your pictures. 

If you want to preserve your custom art and important photos for years to come, using a custom frame can protect your memories from fully fading. This is because there’s an option to install a custom framing with UV-filter glazing on the glass to prevent discolouration in your photos, leaving you with crystal clear stills of your life’s happy times.

The Bottom Line: Custom Picture Framing Keeps Your Memories in Good Shape for the Long Haul 

Framing your memories is worth the effort, especially if you want to savour moments for years to come. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but the framing ensures the message remains clear down the line. For special snapshots you want to preserve forever, custom framing is the right choice for your picture framing needs. 

Why Choose Picture Framing?

We are a framing company based in Newton that has experience in framing our customers’ memories for years. In addition to a wide range of quality products, we also offer sound advice aimed to help our customers achieve their dream framed piece. Learn more about our services today!

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5 Picture Framing Issues You Probably Didn’t Know About

There is no home without several framed photos. Framed photos make a house feel like home. However, you might be surprised that what seems like a straightforward task may prove to be difficult for some. Here are some of the most common picture framing problems: 

Not Knowing Which Size to Get

You might not realize you can encounter a sizing problem until you’re at the framer’s and you’re asked what size to get. It can be too overwhelming with the many sizes available, especially if you haven’t given it much thought. 

When you go to a photo framing company, the most common questions you’ll be asked are about the size of the frame and the mat board size. Therefore, it’s best you think about this before you head to the store; or, you can ask our experts here at Picture Framing to help you find the right size for your photo or artwork. 

Prints Don’t Stay in Place in the Frame

So, you finally have your framed print, and you can’t wait to hang it in your home, until you realize the print keeps sliding around inside. What do you do? 

This is one of the most common problems many people encounter. What keeps things together is to mount the print to the backing board. There are several mounting methods you can try, so explore your options and see what works best for you.

Mat Board Smudges

So, you got smudges on the mat board, huh? Don’t worry; there’s a way to solve this. You can use a kneaded eraser or a white vinyl eraser to erase the marks—but do this gently. You can also use a document cleaner or alcohol. Some stain removers, such as K2R, works as well.

Hanging a Picture Frame

Again, hanging a picture frame seems like the easiest thing in the world. It’s a no-brainer—until you don’t know where and how to hang it. Remember, before you get to hang a frame on the wall, you need to know the right materials to use on your wall. 

Another thing is, there really is no right or wrong area on your wall where you can hang it, but there are tips to help you find the right spot to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

If you don’t want to drill a hole in your wall, you can buy hooks that you can attach to your wall with an adhesive instead. 

Crooked Frame

Crooked frames are common, and the good thing? They’re easily fixed! Usually, all you need to do is remove the center nail and use two nails instead, and make sure they’re spaced away from each other. 

You should also use wall bumpers on each corner of the backside of the frame. These bumpers will ensure the frame won’t bang against the wall and will prevent the frame from sliding around. 


Having your photos framed may seem easy, but these common problems say otherwise. It requires careful planning to ensure you are getting the right frame for your print at the right place in your house. 

For Sydney custom picture framing, who else to go but to Newtown-based Picture Framing? We offer a wide range of quality products paired with sound advice to help you prevent any of these problems. Contact us today!



Choosing the Best Matboard and Mounting For Your Photos

Digital pictures had come a long way since the 2000’s when small digital cameras came into existence. Nowadays, it is quick and easy to snap a photo on your smartphone and save it. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the roll of film to be developed before you found out if you blinked for the family photo.

However, there are many things about traditional photos that are greatly missed. Because photos are usually saved digitally nowadays, people do not have framed photos or picture albums in their homes anymore. One lost art is that of picture matting. If you want to bring back the tradition of having framed family photos (in your household anyway), this blog post will shed some light on selecting the best mount and matboard for your family photos. 

Choosing the Best Matboard and Mounting For Your Photos

1 – Consider the Materials Used

There are various types of materials that can be used for photo matting. Some of these materials include paper, fabric, and alpha cellulose. Paper and fabric are the more common options; however, they may damage the photo later on. Alpha cellulose is the superior choice because it helps preserve the photos long after they have been framed. 

2 – Look at the Rest of Your Home

There are no two homes that have the same interior design. This is why what may be a good choice for photo matting for one home may not be an ideal choice for another. Looking into the other decor that will be in the same room with the framed photos may help you make a choice for your photo matting.

3 – Take Personal Taste into Account

On other occasions, it will boil down to personal taste. If you are attracted to a specific type of mounting or matting, go for it! On the other hand, if you think it will work well with the rest of your home’s design, let your creative side shine and get the type of matting you want.

4 – Use a Similar Colour Palette as the Photo

Another way to find the proper matting and mounting is to choose a shade that is similar to the dominant colour seen in the photograph itself. This will help create a streamlined design and colour scheme for your framed photos.

5 – Choose Warm, Neutral Tones

Lastly, it is a good idea to choose neutral tones to avoid having your framed photos clash with the overall design of the rest of your home. Warm, earthy tones will work well with most colour schemes and designs of most homes. 


Selecting the best mat board for your photos may not always be a clear-cut choice. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing photo matting because most of the time, it will be a matter of preference. Looking into the existing decorations and interior design of your home, along with considering your personal style, are still the best methods to decide what kind of matting to use for your framed photos.

If all else fails, if you need help framing the family photos you plan to hang on your walls, come to Picture Framing! We have framed the memories of many customers over the years. Offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products, we can help you achieve your dream framed piece. Get the best custom picture frames for your family photos by visiting us today in Newton, NSW!


Everything You Need To Know About Canvas Stretching – Our Guide

The canvas is more than just a blank cloth—it is an empty slate full of possibilities and potential, waiting to be painted or printed on, transforming them into timeless artworks or treasured photos. For centuries, people worldwide have used canvases to create works of art, preserve memories, and inspire, influence, and move spectators. 

Why Canvas Is Best

The canvas is indeed a prime material for creating artworks and producing photos. Since they are durable and are made to last for a lifetime, you can be sure that your image or painting will be appreciated by many for the decades to come.

Aside from their durability and longevity, canvases also have beautiful textures that other photo art products and flat canvas prints are missing. The textured weave of the canvas adds a layer of visual interest, making the painting or image look more attractive while softening imperfections at the same time. 

Before transforming them into classy works of art and cherished photos, the canvas must first be prepared to make it ready for framing, and so the artwork or image will be preserved well. The canvas may seem like a simple cloth to print and paint in, but the process of stretching it actually has its complexities.

What Is Canvas Stretching?

Although there are most likely many unstretched or rolled canvas prints available in any frame stores near you, several people still prefer stretched canvas prints because of their many good characteristics. As its name suggests, a stretched canvas refers to a canvas that’s been stretched over a wood frame ready for display.

Taking the labour and materials for stretching into account, canvas stretching is more expensive than unstretched ones. Still, the brighter and sharper image created from stretched canvas is undoubtedly worth the price—you will definitely get what you pay for! 

By stretching it to a particular shape, the canvas will give a firm foundation for the image, protecting it from undue wear and aging so that it lasts for many generations.

Can You Stretch Any Artwork?

A wide range of canvas artworks can be stretched, such as acrylic paintings, printed pieces, and even indigenous artwork. The process of stretching a canvas may seem simple and easy enough to do by yourself at home, but that’s not recommended. 

Stretching a canvas is actually quite complicated, as many factors come into play, so it’s best to seek a professional opinion from someone who’s experienced if you’re not sure if the artwork you have can be stretched.

Do I Have To Put a Frame Around the Canvas? 

Framing a stretched canvas isn’t a necessity, as your stretched canvas will already be ready to hang on your wall. If you want to have a simple and minimalist look, you should leave it unframed, but if you’re going to add a touch of elegance or style to the artwork, you can explore canvas frame options from a frame store near you.


The canvas is a foundation, the ground on which everything is built upon. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that your artwork or photo will be presented in the best light possible by investing in a canvas stretching service. Make sure to reach out to a reputable frame store near you for the perfect canvas.

Do you need help stretching a blank canvas or a beautiful painting you found? Then, leave it to our skilled and experienced team at Picture Framing to stretch your canvas for you! There is no faster or better option for canvas stretching services in Sydney than Newtown Picture Framing Studio. Connect with us today to learn more!


Factors to Convince You to Rely on a Professional Framing Company

Many people enjoy collecting various items, from photos to different artworks, anything to remind them of the good times. If you’re sentimental about the past and you turn to capturing moments through photographs or painting them to add colour to your experiences, you may want to consider getting custom picture frames.

It’s a fantastic way to secure your priceless possessions and display them in your living room, bedroom, or hallway, anywhere you think your family and your guests can admire them. While customised frames are more expensive than ready-made ones you can easily buy in a frame store near you, they’re well worth it because they can match your preferences perfectly.

However, remember that you shouldn’t reach out to any framing company that claims they’re professional. You want to make sure you receive high-quality frames to do your photos and artworks justice. Keep reading below to learn how to spot a framing company you can trust.

They Offer a Wide Array of Designs

Each individual has different tastes and interests, so when you’re selecting a framing business, they must guarantee to offer you a range of designs to meet your needs. When you have plenty of options, you can see up close the frames are made from good quality material.

It doesn’t matter if you require picture framing solutions for your home, office, or personal space. You can rely on a framing company to address your demands by presenting you with a list of designs and finishes, along with the materials they used to make the frames.

If you wish to customise everything, from the frame’s dimensions down to its colours, you don’t have to worry about damaging your photographs or artworks. In fact, individuals planning to invest in high-quality materials can ask their provider if they have rare frames in their catalogue.  

They Showcase Professional Services

The pictures, paintings, and posters you plan to hang up on your wall aren’t the only thing that you can consider as art because even the frames themselves are an extension of them. Since skilled framers take their time to master their craft and come up with aesthetically pleasing frames, it’s only appropriate that you appreciate their final works.

Compared to wholesale frames that don’t offer the same high quality, custom frames made by professionals in the industry are backed up by their years of knowledge and expertise. Whether you need personalised frames for your bedroom, workplace, or studio, you can count on them to do the job right.

They can assure you the frames they make are long-lasting and can either hold classic or modern design, depending on what you like. If you’re unsure what kind of frame and material will look good on your photos or artworks, you can leave it to the experts to recommend to you what type of framing they think can perfectly encapsulate them.

They Perform Expert Artistry

Artisans working in top framing companies go through proper training to help them produce some of the most beautiful frames you can ever lay your eyes on in your life. Their knowledge of the craft is what makes them stand out from average framing companies.

Professionals in the framing industry take their time knowing what customers need before selecting the materials and putting them together. They will match their work to the piece of art involved, designing the frames to provide protection and added design to your already memorable pictures and paintings.


When you reach out to a professional framing company to provide you with the items you need to complete your home, you know you will not be disappointed. They offer their frames in a wide array of designs, showcase professional services, and perform expert artistry, proving to their customers that they take their job seriously and often to the next level.

Are you looking for custom framing near you in Newtown? Picture Framing delivers custom framing for all kinds of artworks for our clients in need. Browse through our collection to find what’s in store for you!


An Explainer on Canvas Stretching and Canvas Framing

You’ve finally taken another step when it comes to art: you’ve purchased a rolled-up canvas. Now, you need to figure out the best way for it to get on your wall so you can display it. That could be a giclee (digital image printed on the canvas) or original art painted straight on the canvas itself. Instinctively, you’re probably immediately looking to get into picture framing in Sydney. Before anything else, what you actually need is to get it professionally stretched first.

What Is Canvas Stretching?

Very simply, canvas stretching refers to a canvas being attached to wooden bars. In that way, they can be hung or framed without an actual frame present. It also helps for the canvas art to be preserved properly. It should be noted that there are alternatives for stretching, such as wet or dry canvas mounting in Sydney. However, the best option is generally stretching. It’s the typical choice when it comes to displaying canvases.

Which Bar: Strainer or Stretcher?

Traditionally, canvases got stretched through the use of stretcher bars. Back in the day, stainless steel wasn’t created yet, so copper tacks were used as fasteners for them. There were typically two keys in each corner of stretcher bars back in the day. Needless to say, in order for the canvas to get tightened in the needed direction, the keys were used. In modern times, stretching is reserved for old canvas.

Today, strainer bars and staples are used for stretching canvas. Joined like a standard frame, strainer bars are mitred. When they’re built, adjustments can no longer be made to them. These bars do not have an entirely flat composition, given the outside typically having a raised, rounded lip. This helps to prevent the stretched canvas from the majority of the bar. Otherwise, in the areas where the bar and canvas touch, a line will show up.

There are a variety of widths and sizes that strainer bars come in. Professionals will be able to help in choosing what’s best based on the size of the canvas to be stretched. Larger canvases will sometimes require crossbars, which prevents warped strainer bars and keeps the canvas tight.

The Stretch

Strainer bars use two methods when fastening canvases. They’re stapled to either the rear or the side. When it’s the rear, the term used is Gallery Wrap. This is best for an unframed stretched canvas. When it’s on the side, it means you’re looking to get the canvas framed after it’s stretched.

It should be noted that pre-made strainer bars typically have 10 feet as their maximum length. This means that if the canvas is 10 feet or more, then a majority of frame shops out there won’t get to work with it. However, just because it’s not as common doesn’t mean it’s not available entirely should the need arise.


A rolled-up canvas can be displayed in a few ways, but first, it needs to get stretched out. That step comes even before any framing. Traditionally, stretcher bars were used, but today people prefer stretcher bars instead.

Are you looking to get canvas stretching in Sydney? Contact Picture Framing, a Newtown-based picture framer, today! We have framed the memories of many customers over the years.

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3 Reasons Mirrors Should Be Used to Enhance the Livingroom

Many homeowners end up gnawing their fingernails, trying to figure out ways to take their living room decor to a whole new level. After all, our homes are supposed to be a place we should feel comfortable in, and the decor will affect this. 

Unfortunately, there are just so many things you can do to enhance your living room. After investing in expensive carpeting, incredible sofas, and the largest flat-screen TV money has to buy, what else can you do to up your living room’s look? 

The answer lies with mirrors. Here is why:

Adds a calming effect

Today, many designs revolve around being sleek, boxy, and the like. While such designs are quite trendy and attractive, one might feel burnt out seeing such designs over and over. Mirrors, fortunately, can fix this problem! There are many different types of mirrors out there, and many of them come with curved and soft designs. 

Rounded edges can break all the sleekness and sharpness in the living room, giving the boxy room a softer feel. Even if your living room was not designed in such a way, round mirrors could add a modern touch or softness to the room!

Creates life and depth

As the name implies, mirrors mirror whatever is in front of them, whether that be a moving or static object. This is something that you can play a lot around with. In fact, positioning your mirror is one of the biggest tasks and major factors in enhancing your living room’s look.

For instance, if you hang a mirror opposite a window, natural light will reflect off of it and fill the room. It adds more brightness to the room and can even create the illusion that there is an added window. This also creates life and depth, something you may want to consider if your living room has plenty of dark spots.

Makes the room “bigger.”

Are you dealing with a small living room? Even if you do not have the means to make it physically bigger, you can do so psychologically. Mirrors act like portals to another realm, giving the illusion of space in any room. Mirrors can make your living room feel much bigger than it is.

You can do this effectively by hanging a single large mirror or grouping multiple mirrors together. Regardless of how you do it, it will make your living room feel a lot bigger, adding a sense of space that many homeowners love.


Apart from all the ways mirrors can enhance your living room we have mentioned above, there are many others! Mirrors can add a personal touch to your room, making it much more personalised. They can also be used to make a statement to attract eyes to a certain part of the room. Regardless of how you do it, mirrors are incredibly versatile, and all you need to do is carefully consider where to place them and what mirrors you want.

Picture Framing is Sydney’s leading picture framer of choice, offering framed products like art, posters, and gallery framing to satisfy any needs. If you are looking for a custom framing service to set up mirrors for you, we have your back! Reach out to us today for custom mirrors to spice up your living room and more.



The Importance of Custom Framing to Your Business

Regardless if you own a big business or a start-up, you should aim to make a great first impression on your clients and customers. In such instances, it is your performance as the boss of your company and your employees’ hard work that comes into play, for the most part. However, it would help if you wouldn’t forget to make your office presentable as well! A well-organized workplace would let your clients know that they are dealing with a disciplined and orderly company—a venture that prides itself in performance and presentability.

One primary way of keeping up with appearance would be to put up custom picture frames in your office.

“Why Would I Need to Post up Frames? What Value Does It Add to My Workplace?”

It isn’t just about hanging stylish frames, but it’s also about posting various memorabilia and documents within these frames that, in turn, would highlight your company’s achievements. This is similar to how you’d decorate your home. Usually, you would post up photos of your family, showing your family tree and heritage towards your guests. 

The same rule applies to your office frames, albeit in a more professional manner. Upon your potential client’s first visit, you’d be able to showcase photos of your award-winning moments, together with your company’s black-tie parties and the certificates of recognition hanging on your walls. This would somehow give them an idea of your business’s reputation, the reputation of its owner, and the amount of trust and respect that your employees have towards the company.

“If That’s The Case, Can I Just Hang Any Frame on My Office Wall?”

While you can do so, it’s much better to hang custom frames instead! 

The thing about choosing custom frames is that you’d be able to add a touch of the company’s branding and identity to them. Yes, the contents within those frames are what’s essential—but once you combine those with the custom frame’s unique look and design, you’ll be able to tell a deeper story without uttering one word! Let your clients appreciate the frames and the history encapsulated within them.

“Are There Companies Who Deliver This Type of Service?”

Yes, there are. It doesn’t even matter what design you are opting for or what the purpose of the frames are; there are framing services that are willing to offer a wide range of framing and photography options. These may range from certificate framing, if you want to signify the relevant certificates of your company, up to poster framing, if you want to showcase your brand’s latest campaign artwork.

Show Off Your Company’s Portfolio and Accolades

Convince everyone who would walk through your door that you are one of the best. Hang photos of your achievements and most recent works! Let them know that they’re in safe hands as soon as they walk through that entrance. Nothing attracts a client or a customer to your services faster than a reputable company.


Custom frames are a perfect way to showcase your company and brand’s unique personality, so be confident enough to show off your awards and certificates. Clients love it when their associates think outside the box. They want to see visual cues that would help them determine whether or not they’re making the right choice to deal with your business! Tip the balance in your favour by hanging a custom frame showcasing all of your company’s honours.

Are you looking for the most stylish custom picture frames in Sydney? Picture Framing has got what you need! Our years of experience in custom framing and canvas stretching can help amplify your office space. Contact us for more information about our framing services.

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Tips for Taking Care of and Cleaning Picture Frames Safely

We all have photographs that we consider prized possessions, and the same goes for artwork. An excellent way for them to pop is by using picture frames. You can even go the extra mile and look into custom picture framing. Of course, some picture frames will be fancier than others. Ideally, a picture frame that’s quite expensive should last for a long time. A crucial step in making this happen is to keep the picture frames clean.

What are tips on being able to take care of picture frames safely?

It may seem like common sense to keep picture frames clean to prolong their life. A quick brush with a feather duster should do the trick. That said, the condition and material of a picture frame can drastically change its cleaning needs, especially if you have custom picture frames that require a little more extra care. 

Various cleaning solutions and materials in the market can cater to varying needs. For any residue, a paper towel sprayed with a bit of water is a great way to wipe the frame down, particularly corners and edges. A glass cleaner should be able to handle marks, fingerprints and smudges off the glass.

For Acrylic Frames

These require a bit more of an investment, specifically on cleaning supplies that are acrylic-safe. A lot of cleaning solutions have ammonia, which is bad for these frames. Pay particular attention to what’s in your cleaning materials. That’s because the typical ways of cleaning, including dusting, can damage the glazing. Instead of a paper towel, opt for a soft nylon or polyester towel or cloth made out of microfiber. Make sure the towel is lint-free to avoid leaving unnecessary particles. 

For Metal Frames

Under this category are picture frames made out of silver, gold, and the like. The beautiful sheen and luxurious feel these types of frames give off can disappear without regular cleaning. However, using the wrong cleaning solutions can also cause damage. Usually, dishwashing liquid is gentle enough to do the trick. Frames that are unlacquered pewter or silver-plated will benefit from a silver polish of high quality.

For Wood Frames

Before anything else, it’s important to determine whether the wooden frame in question has some type of finish. Without one, a wet paper towel will suffice for cleaning. However, a wooden frame with a finish will require a polish meant for the maintenance of wooden furniture. 

A small amount of that paired with a soft cloth is the best combination. Note that any cleaning solution with chemicals on unfinished wood will be counterproductive because the frame can get damaged or discoloured this way.


Photos and artworks are prized possessions and, in some cases, are downright priceless. Keeping them in a picture frame is a great way to preserve them for years. Cleaning picture frames depends on what material they’re made of, like using microfiber for acrylics, wiping with dishwashing liquid solution for metals, and a wet paper towel or special polish for wood.

Are you looking to get picture framing in Sydney? Contact Picture Framing today! We have framed the memories of many customers over the years.